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About Kinalytics

Kinalytics Research Group Inc. was incorporated in the province of British Columbia on August 30th , 2004 to hold the company valuation and stock selection model developed by Daniel Kinasewich and to commercialize the system.


Each quarter, every “public” company in Canada is required to provide financial results and make available such information to the investing public. Companies must submit interim and annual financial statements to the securities exchange through SEDAR, the regulators document retrieval system. Companies also release financial and other “material” information to newspapers and other news groups.

The INTERNET has dramatically changed the way public information is disseminated. In addition, security regulators in North America have made tremendous changes to disclosure requirements resulting in information being made available to everyone at the same time, at least in theory and intent. The INTERNET and changes to reporting requirements now make it possible for public company research to be conducted in a timely and efficient manner, without the need for expensive infrastructure. Kinalytics Research has been designed to capitalize on this new reality.

Kinalytics Research provides “private research on public companies over time” to individuals, companies and institutions who subscribe to our service.  Our multi-level screening system will rank and grade most public companies in Canada and our research will report on situations and companies that have successfully progressed through our valuation screening process. Our multi-disciplined approach combines fundamental, technical and macro-economic consideration into an easy to understand rating system.  Our menu of service provides you with a choice of private research options from individual subscriptions to customized research solutions for groups and professionals

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